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As Seen On Tv H2O Steam Mop Review

The H2O Mop is advertised to be the ultimate floor cleaning solution on as seen on tv infomercials. It is one of the Shark Steam mop main competitors. I was a little skeptical but I decided to give it a try to see if all of the hype was true. Once I obtained the H2O Mop I couldn’t wait to clean my dirty wood floors in my house; I had been letting the floors get dirty for the last two weeks (for the purpose of my experiment, not from laziness of course!).

Putting the H2o Mop together was a piece of cake, all that is needed is the assembly using two screws. The package comes with two reusable, washable cloths that fit into the bottom of the H2O Steam Mop. This was a huge relief as I was sick and tired of buying expensive refills for my old mopping unit that generally only last about two or three rooms. The package also came provided with a carpet glider.

I was ready to get started and full of anticipation for spotless, gleaming floors. I filled the water tank with ordinary tap water. The H2O Mop converts this water into 1,500 Watts of steaming power, pretty impressive. After the tank is filled with water you plug the mop into a socked and wait for ten to fifteen seconds for the main light on the unit to turn green, which means you are good to go.

I immediately pointed the H2o Steam Mop to the direction of the front door area of my floor, the heaviest hit of the dirty house and got stuck in to the job at hand. The stains and dirt were gone in minutes; “this product really works!” I exclaimed. I then pulled out a soda from my fridge to continue with my experiment and emptied the contents on my tile kitchen floor. The H2O Mop quickly and easily took care of all the sticky wet mess and left my tile floors looking immaculate, something that hadn’t happened in a very long time!

The head of the Steam Mops has a pretty cool swivel head on it which allows the mop to move around the corners and baseboards with ease and can also get into hard to reach areas. I did find that with fresh spills, the H2O Mop has a little more of a tough time than with dried out spills but if you have your second head pad handy no job should be too tough for this amazing product.

If you decide that the steam mops are not for you we did a review on both the Bona Mop and the Swivel Sweeper G2. Steam mops are not for everyone, that's why we decided to branch out a little bit and cover other cleaning products.

What is a Shark Steam Mop?

Meet the steam mop of the future

Meet the Shark Steam Mop. This revolutionary product is simple and straightforward in design and easy to use. The Shark Steam Mop is designed to clean about any type of hard floor surface except carpets. The product works equally as well on wood, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, Pergo, tiles etc. The Shark Steam Mop is incredibly easy to assemble and can be ready for use in minutes. In order to get going, you must first fill the reservoir with ordinary tap water. A handy funnel and pouring container is included with the mop which makes this filling process a snap. The Shark Steam Mop comes equipped with two washable and reusable cleaning pads that are attached to the bottom of the unit’s head with the Velcro strips. You then plug the Shark Steam Mop in and wait for around thirty seconds for the unit to charge. After 30 seconds the unit has heated up sufficiently and is ready to rock-and-roll. There are no floor cleaners or detergents needed with this product which makes it that much more efficient and easy to use. The heated up steam from the reservoir you filled minutes ago serves as all the disinfectant you need for your hard floor surface.

Once the Shark Steam Mop is charged and ready to produce steam from the water the user can push down on the handle use a pumping motion to drive the handle into the head; this creates the pressure needed to produce the actual steam. The unit is ready to go and will force hot steam from the pressure you have just created into the reusable pad and through to the flooring which can clean up dirt, grime, caked on dirt and melt sticky residues with ease.

One of the greatest benefits of using the Shark Steam Mop is that the end user does not have to keep on mopping and wringing out a dirty wet mop like the traditional method. This ensures that you can clean faster and hit problem areas without over exerting yourself physically; the Shark Steam Mop does the work for you! Another solid benefit to this product is that the heated steam that is generated evaporates quickly and quietly which allows the dry time of the hard floor surface to be almost instantaneous.

For extra heavy duty jobs, the Shark Steam Mop has already provided you with two mop pads. This is good if one of the pads becomes extremely soiled before you have the chance to machine wash them.