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As Seen On TV Swivel Sweeper G2 Review

Does the Swivel Sweeper Really work? Could the Swivel Sweeper replace my old vacuum? Even though the Swivel Sweeper is not a steam mop I figured I would try it out and review it here on this site.

The Swivel Sweeper G2 is very tempting product at $40.00 and if you are like me, avoid digging the vacuum out of the back of the closet. What is great about this product is that it uses a powerful rechargeable battery to power the vacuum like brushes. They even claim that it can run up to forty-five minutes one charge. I can’t really so a reason why you would ever need to run it that long but it’s good to know that it can last that long if you need it to. Another great feature is that the cleaning head can maneuver 360 degrees, which makes getting into awkward places easier than ever.

Another thing that stood out to me immediately was how light this little Swivel Sweeper was. In fact, it seemed even lighter than the 2 pounds that it’s advertised as. It’s not a huge selling point for me but if some one had a problems maneuvering a much heavier vacuum than this would be very appealing feature. It also comes with a nice little attachment for cleaning the brushes, which tend to get tangled easily with pet hair. If only I could keep track of this tool so I did not have to clean the Swivel Sweeper by hand. To empty the debris that you’ve collected, simply push the tabs and just like that, you’ve emptied the Swivel Sweeper. This system seems to work pretty well, but the tabs are a bit flimsy and I am a little concerned about breaking them.

We all hate to clean. Anything that makes the laborious task easier is always welcomed. The folks who created the Swivel Sweeper G2 really thought things through. They made the handle adjustable allowing an unbelievable 4 feet of extra extension. Another selling point for the Sweeper is that it works effectively on many surfaces, which include hardwoods, linoleum, and of course carpet. While it does a good job cleaning all surfaces, users have complained that the Swivel Sweeper tends to drop some of the debris when moving directly from one surface to another, which can cause a lot of extra work. Others have complained that the battery does not last as long as advertised and tends to loose it’s charge over time. This is understandable though because all battery powered products loose there juice over time. I would not suggest that you throw away your vacuum for the Swivel Sweeper but for a fairly low cost of $40.00, the Swivel Sweeper definitely can make your life easier.