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Bona Mop - Micro Fiber Mop Review

The Bona Mop is a premium solution for cleaning hardwood floors and other surfaces in the household, without fearing they may get damaged. The mop has a microfiber pad and a floor cleaner cartridge which sprays the cleaning solution into the mop head when the trigger on the handle is squeezed. The mechanism is simple and efficient, the trigger is set up to spray the exact amount of solution needed, therefore it doesn’t leave any leaks of liquid behind. Besides, since there are no electric parts, it’s durable and convenient, as it doesn’t need recharging or plugging to the power supply. Bona Mop works with special cartridges of either hardwood floor cleaner or stone, tile and laminate cleaner. Cartridges aren’t refillable. All Bona cleaning solutions are water-based, environment-friendly, non-toxic, safe for families with children or pets. Their special formula cleans all kind of spills, dirt and stains, leaving the floors shiny, without oil residues or mop traces. One of the best parts is that the cleaner solutions are odorless and they don’t require rinsing, therefore the cleaning time and efforts are significantly reduced. Moreover, Bona cleaners are GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality. The microfiber pads are easy to attach and to remove, thanks to a Velcro-like system, and they can be machine washed up to 300 times. Because the mop pads have a good absorption capacity, the floors get completely dry in a very short time.

Although the cleaning liquid cartridge makes the Bona Mop heavier than regular mops, it is still lightweight and easy to use. Besides, it has the advantage of not needing to carry a bucket with water all over the place, from one room to another. Priced at $39.99, the Bona Mop offers a good quality for money. The refill cartridges are 28.75 ounces and they cost $8.99 a piece.


Anonymous said...

Please beware. The product does a beautiful job however, the actual spray mechanism is defective and only lasts about 4 or 5 good floor cleanings and then wears out. I have had this happen with two mops now.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy~ save your money! Cleaner helps shine floor but certainly does not clean them. We have kids and pets so this product is essentially useless. The cleaning pad on the mop detaches for easy cleaning. The parts on the mop itself are defective, making it extremely difficult to assemble. We finally got our together with the help of the 3 store clerks. In fact, this was the only mop out of 5 in the store that could be assembled and it cannot be taken apart.

Anonymous said...

Just put my mop together and confirmed it's put together correctly. The sprayer does not work!!!

Anonymous said...

Assembled Bona mop today, was not difficult to assemble. Problem is trigger (spray mechanism) stopped working after about 6 sprays. Just flapping, which makes the Bona mop useless. I saw elsewhere the handle/trigger had been upgraded to metal, the one I received in the mail from Bona is plastic.

Teri said...

OMG what a waste of money!!! I put the thing together and put the container in tightly and the thing leaks so bad, it's almost empty from leaking. This thing is going back for sure!

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