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Is The Shark Steam Mop Legit?

Update: The Shark Steam Mop has been updated and we have a new review of the Shark Steam Pocket Mop.

Many of you have seen the As Seen On TV commercials and have made it very clear that you wanted me to try the Shark Steam Mop in the past few months! The amount of requests I have received to try this amazing as seen on tv shark steam mop has been impressive to say the least. The Shark Steam Mop is a revolutionary chemical-free way to clean hard surface flooring (not carpets). The Shark Steam Mop sanitizes your floors and is safe for sealed hardwood flooring, something you do not see on the market very often. This unique product is available for $70 -$100 from retailers who sell as seen on tv products.

Well, I made the decision to try the Shark Steamer Mop for myself and I was very surprised with the end results. For the first test, I put the Shark Steam Mop in my car and headed out to my good friends place of business. My friend has rented a large office in town for his expanding business for the last six months. In this time, I knew for a fact that my friend had not hired anyone to come and clean up in his office nor had cleaned the floors in the entire six months he had been there (not to mention the private bathroom that is included in his monthly rent). On my drive over to the office space, I was encouraged to find out that the Shark Steam Mop states that it can clean caked on dirt on hard wood flooring. As I arrived up into the office I immediately noticed that there was indeed a lot of caked on dirt on the floors from the very wet and stormy winter we were having. My friend greeted me with enthusiasm; he was a bit skeptical about the power of the product I brought but this was a free clean for his office so he was extremely grateful.

After taking some photos of the office "before" our little cleaing experiment, I entered my friends bathroom and filled the Shark Steam Mop with regular tap water, walk into the main office area and begin with the hardest hit areas with the most caked on dirt. The as seen on tv product performs pretty well all in all. As soon as it starts up it picks up most of the dirt; but some of it ends up around the edges of the wall which get picked up later. The Shark works extremely well on the areas that have no caked dirt but are still dirty. “Wow, man, this thing is amazing!” adds my friend who is flabbergasted that this is not coming from a professional cleaning service. “What do you think about those scuff marks by the door?” he adds. I give him a grin and finish cleaning the smaller areas of unclean hard surface flooring and make my way over to the entrance to let the Shark Steam Mop tackle the scuff marks on the floor. The Shark handles this area, an area full of scuff marks from moving heavy desks , tables and chairs back and forth over the years, with great aplomb. “Wow! That was amazing!” my friend remarks, “Im sold,” he adds.

I was impressed with how the Shark performed today. The more I pumped the handle on the unit, the more steam I got, giving me more cleaning power. After a quick break, I took out a full bottle of orange juice and a can of soda from my bag I had brought with me. I turned to my friend, smiled and poured both bottles on his new clean office floor. “Now is the time for a nice little demonstration you only see on TV” I said as I saw him look up from his desk in horror. The Shark handles the sticky wet mess extremely good and leaves no marks or residues after I finish. I finished up the entire office and bathroom very quickly and made sure I took some photos that I could email to my friend later to prove to him that his office looks much better than we saw earlier in the day! I explain to my friend that a good bonus to the Shark is that you do not have keep on buying shark steam mop replacement pads (like a Swiffer or like product). All you do is throw your used pad in the washing machine after use and they are like new and ready to go again! The Shark seems to be a nice alternative to chemical based hardwood floor cleaning machines and if you are fed up with buying countless refills for your mops this could be a great investment. I always recommend following the directions on the Shark before first use, but I have no doubt you will be happy with your decision to try the Shark Steam Mop.

Not everyone has been as happy with the Shark Steam Mop as I have. To give a balanced view I have included a link to a negative Shark Steam Pocket Mop review if you want to read another review. I should note that this a review on the newer version on the mop that I reviewed in this post.

As Seen On TV Steamboy T1 Mop Review


Reliable Corporation, the manufacturers of the Steamboy T1 steam cleaning product, have been around for more than fifty years. The corporation has braced themselves for the future of cleaning products when they released the Steamboy T1 mop and have obviously enjoyed being a front runner in this highly competitive market. The Steam boy T1 steam mop is equipped for the normal homeowner or renter with two machine/hand washable cloth pads, a water filter system to enable the user to be able to use normal tap water for the steam cleaner, and a carpet glide system for cleaning and deodorizing carpets.

Every Steam boy mop contains a 180 degree swivel head, the two heavy duty cloth microfiber reusable cleaning pads, up to thirty minutes of instant and continuous steam and the replaceable water filter. When I first got the opportunity to try out the Steamboy T1 I was a little skeptical. I started in the hallway by the front door. This was in the winter, after heavy rains in my town and the hard surface flooring was caked with mud, dirt and other grime I could not identify. I had used other mop systems before and had had limited success with them, that is why I was a little apprehensive. It seemed that in the past, I had spent quite a lot of time and money on replacement pads for the mopping systems I owned.

Well, I have to say after plugging the as seen on tv Steamboy mop in and waiting a couple of seconds for it to be ready, I was amazed at the ease in which the product started to cut through the grime and dirt instantly with real steam. I held down the trigger and moved the mop along all of the hard surface flooring in my house. The entry way was spotless in seconds with minimal effort; I moved into the kitchen and living room (where I have hardwood oak flooring) and was simply taken away by how much grime I had in the first place and how the Steam boy cut through this grime with so much grace. After I was finished, I unplugged the mop and simply took the microfiber cloth off, threw it in the washing machine, amazingly easy! I would recommend this product to anyone who listens! The flooring looked amazing, the Steamboy was easy to use, and the product was easily maneuverable around all of the nooks and crannies of my home.

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Bissell Steam Mop Review

A Bissell Steam Mop? Let me explain...Last week my boss and I had a great conversation regarding how he was going to use his Visa card “points” that he had gained over the past year through purchases. His idea was to cash these Visa rewards points in and use them to purchase his brother’s wedding gift for the upcoming wedding in Mexico instead of using good old cash. This conversation got me thinking; just how many “points” do I have sitting there in my rewards points account? I have to tell you that when I checked my balance it was just like finding real money (notes, not simple change) under the cushions of my couch; the feeling was great! I decided immediately to cash these points in and gave myself a treat of a gift card to do some shopping.

Primarily, I thought I would be practical and purchase some of the stuff I use all the time such as tea, bread, milk and some steaks. I walked around my usual large store and put a few of these staples into my basket. I then decided “hey, it’s almost pay day, why don’t I buy something I have wanted for a long time and something that I need?” I put the food staples back where I got them and headed straight for the cleaning supplies isle. There it sat before me, behold the Bissell Steam Mop. This mop was something I had seen on TV and had always wanted to try it. This would be a good story for my boss. I immediately took the steam mop up to the checkout and used the gift card from my credit card company and raced home to try the product out.

This steam mop has been touted to get rid of dirt, sticky stuff, and grime on all hard floor surfaces (not carpet). My apartment was in great need of a solid cleaning and had been for some time so I could not wait to get started. My apartment consists of beautiful bamboo floors with nice dark tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. The only problem with these nice surfaces is that mud, dirt and grime easily shows up. The disposable mopping systems I had been using in the past just have not cut it and I had grown tired of buying replacement heads and wipes for my mop.

I took the Bissell mop out of the box and plugged it in. The steam charged in seconds and was ready to use. I started on the bamboo floors and was simply amazed at how much of the dirt got removed; it was just like moving into a new apartment! The product handled equally well on the tiled floor, the microfiber heads cut through the grime with ease; I was impressed. I invited my mother over that weekend for brunch and she could not believe how much I time I had spent on getting the place spotless. “About ten minutes!” I replied. At less than one hundred dollars this product is the real deal and I would recommend it to any homeowner with hard floors.

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Steam Buggy Review

The Steam Buggy was received with much anticipation and excitement. A machine that is able to clean up the most stubborn messes, clean the tightest areas, and all with the power of steam. Unfortunately, the Steam Buggy failed to meet even the lowest expectations.

The infomercial for the Steam Buggy featured this product tackling a variety of cleaning challenges: Getting burnt-on residue off of a stove burner, dirt off a cutting board that wasn’t even noticeable until the Steam Buggy showed how much cleaner it could be, cleaning mold and mildew from bathroom tile grout, cleaning dirt from sinks and toilets with ease, and steam cleaning stains from carpets.

In our first test, we had a stove burner that was caked with burnt-on milk. The infomercial showed the Steam Buggy cleaning this up with little effort—using the included brush attachment. In our test, the Steam Buggy failed to clean up our burner—in reality very little of the burnt on milk came off and far more was removed when we used a cleaner and scrub pad.

In our second test, we brought the Steam Buggy into the bathroom. The Seam Buggy failed to get any mold and mildew cleaned from the bathtub tile grout, and failed to clean anything other than the easiest dirt from the sink and toilet. The Steam Buggy did, however, clean the caulk between the bathtub and the floor pretty well. The Steam Buggy also included a squeegee attachment for cleaning windows and mirrors. In our test on the bathroom mirror, the Steam Buggy left many streaks and the condensed water from the steam pooled up under the mirror. The design of the squeegee attachment also made it difficult to reach all the way to the bottom of the mirror (the hose got in the way of the vanity) and resulted in the steam dripping down to the bottom of the mirror where it could not be cleaned by the attachment.

Our third test was steam-cleaning carpeting. In the infomercial, the Steam Buggy is shown cleaning up carpet stains in a short time with ease. In our test, the Steam Buggy failed to remove freshly made stains of mud, soft drinks, and pet stains.

To summarize the results of our testing, we found the Steam Buggy to be very disappointing, especially when compared to the claims made on the infomercial. To its credit, we did find that the Steam Buggy did very well when cleaning very tight, impossible to reach places. Unfortunately, that just meant that we found ourselves cleaning areas that, until we started using the Steam Buggy, didn’t care if they were dirty since they were impossible to see (the tiny space between the bathroom mirror and the vanity and the tiny space between the sink drain and bottom of the sink, as examples). If you are interested in this product then I suggest you check out the Shark Steam Mop.