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Portable Pocket Shark Steam Cleaner Review

The people at Euro Pro, the company that is most famous for the shark steam mop and their latest update the Shark Steam Pocket Mop has just released their latest product the Shark Portable Steam Pocket. It is basically a hand held version on the mop so that you can easily clean just about every surface in your house. What makes the Shark Steam Cleaners so popular is that you are able to clean and disinfect with out the use of chemicals. One of the features I really like about the Portable Steamer is that it does not store hot water inside the unit. Instead, it stores cool tap water in the base and then has an instant steam chamber that creates the steam and pushes it out through the hose to the pocket attachment.

The Shark Portable Pocket comes with five very helpful attachments. The one I liked the most was the wedged shaped one. It works great on appliances like the front of the fridge, stove and cabinets. Steam comes out all four sides of the wedge, which is great because it give you a lot of surface to clean with before you have to use another pad. There is also a wand attachment that is great for those hard to reach places such as door handles, couch, or just about any place you want to clean and sanitize. Finally there is the dusting wand, which can be used on blinds, lampshades, and other hard to reach places. There is also a jet attachment, which shoots steam in a powerful stream for intense cleaning. The infomercial showed them using the portable steamer on rims of a car. I would be interested to see how well this really works. It’s also got an attachment for cleaning grout both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. I hate trying to keep grout clean so this is a great tool for me.

The Shark Portable Steam Pocket is being sold for $99 dollars but can be found cheaper if you shop around. It can be bought off the Shark website for 3 payments if you don’t want to pay for it all upfront. The company does offer a money back guarantee so if you don’t like it you can return it. However, you will be charged for the shipping so just be ready for that.

Do you own the Shark Portable Steamer? Have you been happy with the product? Where do you find it cleans the best? Leave a comment and share your experience.