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As Seen On TV Swivel Sweeper G2 Review

Does the Swivel Sweeper Really work? Could the Swivel Sweeper replace my old vacuum? Even though the Swivel Sweeper is not a steam mop I figured I would try it out and review it here on this site.

The Swivel Sweeper G2 is very tempting product at $40.00 and if you are like me, avoid digging the vacuum out of the back of the closet. What is great about this product is that it uses a powerful rechargeable battery to power the vacuum like brushes. They even claim that it can run up to forty-five minutes one charge. I can’t really so a reason why you would ever need to run it that long but it’s good to know that it can last that long if you need it to. Another great feature is that the cleaning head can maneuver 360 degrees, which makes getting into awkward places easier than ever.

Another thing that stood out to me immediately was how light this little Swivel Sweeper was. In fact, it seemed even lighter than the 2 pounds that it’s advertised as. It’s not a huge selling point for me but if some one had a problems maneuvering a much heavier vacuum than this would be very appealing feature. It also comes with a nice little attachment for cleaning the brushes, which tend to get tangled easily with pet hair. If only I could keep track of this tool so I did not have to clean the Swivel Sweeper by hand. To empty the debris that you’ve collected, simply push the tabs and just like that, you’ve emptied the Swivel Sweeper. This system seems to work pretty well, but the tabs are a bit flimsy and I am a little concerned about breaking them.

We all hate to clean. Anything that makes the laborious task easier is always welcomed. The folks who created the Swivel Sweeper G2 really thought things through. They made the handle adjustable allowing an unbelievable 4 feet of extra extension. Another selling point for the Sweeper is that it works effectively on many surfaces, which include hardwoods, linoleum, and of course carpet. While it does a good job cleaning all surfaces, users have complained that the Swivel Sweeper tends to drop some of the debris when moving directly from one surface to another, which can cause a lot of extra work. Others have complained that the battery does not last as long as advertised and tends to loose it’s charge over time. This is understandable though because all battery powered products loose there juice over time. I would not suggest that you throw away your vacuum for the Swivel Sweeper but for a fairly low cost of $40.00, the Swivel Sweeper definitely can make your life easier.


Mom said...

I would never do without a swivel sweeper! I use it constantly to clean my ceramic floors, to pick up cat litter, wet spilled food, cat
& dog hairs and any all spills. I also use it for quick clean up on my carpet although you must be careful that you go side to side on the carpet as it can flip up and throw the dirt out of the tray. I love how it gets under furniture whre your vacumn can't get to and because it's so light, it's just great for a handy quick pick-up. Word of caution, run the batter down & then plug into charger but remember to remove at 24 hrs or less. This way your battery will last for a long long time without burning out. You can also buy replacement batteries (2 to a pkg.w/ chargers) on eBay for very cheap.

swivel sweeper g2 said...

The Swivel Sweeper G2 works extremely well on hard floors. It's light weight and swivel to get around tight crevices. It also does a fairly decent cleaning job right up against the wall on hard floors and even carpets. Although for carpet cleaning in the central area of the room, you're better off using a conventional vacuum cleaner for that. The reason for this, that this sweeper is not a vacuum but a power brush system that would only get the surface dust off the carpet leaving the ground in dust.

We bought this sweeper to use on hard floors prior to washing them. For that function it does extremely well, keeping the mop relatively lint free. For use on carpeting, you have to be careful that you don't cause the sweeper to flip and spilling the contents back onto the carpet. Since this kind of sweeper with no suction doesn't clean ground in dirt well on carpeting, I would not recommend it for this purpose.

Previously, we bought the original Swivel Sweeper and now the Swivel Sweeper G2. When comparing the two, they both clean equally well. The Swivel Sweeper G2 is a little bit more convenient to use because of the refinement such as easier emptying as well as the articulating handle when you need to go underneath furniture.

swivel sweeper said...
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Anonymous said...

Bought two SwivelmSweeper G2 units. At first both worked fine. Then after a month or so one of them became intermittent in operation. I called Swivel Sweeper and they seemed to know just what the problem was(interesting) and mailed me another head. Now my other one is doing the same thing. When I called they said it was out of warranty. I think a product should last longer than 5 months. What is the problem here?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic...We love it. We had the original swivel sweeper also. This works great on hard wood floors for a quick pick up.

Anonymous said...

Love the swivel sweeper so much have bought (bidding on eBay) my children and friends one to enjoy. I plan to buy a second one eventually to have a full charged battery ready at all times. Appreciate the tip to "sweep" carpet side to side to prevent tipping. I have found keeping handle horizatal (parallel with carpet)will also prevent head from tipping.

Anonymous said...

i love, love, love the sweeper....i just bought it yesterday and after a full charge i just finished using it in my basement. Our cat has his own area where uses his litter, and has his food tray. Its an area with carpet and hardwood and I was amazed at how well it picked up every little bit of cat litter(pebbles) and food from the floor. Carpet or hardwood it got everything. Then it was on to the rest of the basement where we have tile, more hardwood, and thicker carpet and it grabbed everything on every surface. What a great investment! So glad i got it.

Anonymous said...

its crap, battery scam, battery dies after a about 4-6 months, and its suction is crap, it only works on hardwood floors, it fails on carpet cuz it has no suction, its just got bristles. its just good for hardfloors, or carpet surfaces, but it wont deep clean ur carpet

Anonymous said...

After reading the above comments which seemed mostly positive, I went to the official website (swivelsweeperg2) to purchase and did so. Interestingly, after the initial transaction, they now offer to upgrade to a more powerful purple model that's double the price. I went for it. We'll see if the batteries last much longer!

Anonymous said...

I received the G2 as a Father's day gift, so it's almost been 2 months. After assembly and intial battery charge, I went to use it and it did not work. I found it to be the battery holder itself. Maybe this is just an issue I have come across because I have not seen this in other reviews. The battery terminals are too recessed and don't get good contact in the unit. The charger has springs which come up to meet the contacts of the battery. So it charges fine. I really did not feel like going through the hassle of phone calls which I would assume would get me nowhere. So to fix my problem, I have used a paper clip (the smallest of the bends - there are 3) to put on the flat terminal battery to give me the contact I need, and this seems to have "fixed" my issue with G2. And for those looking for a deep carpet clean; this is a SWEEPER. It says so in the title! It's great for floors, but if you're thinking of replacing your vaccuum, give your head a shake. Great idea for a product, and it works well when it turns on. I'm hoping the battery will last. I enjoy using this, but I give it 6 out of 10. Someone should not have to come up with their own trouble shooting and engineering changes to make a product work.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper only lasted 3 months. The handle broke and It was too late for me to get an even exchange. I wasted my money!!!!! I loved the product but Ontel would not give me another one!!!! Another thing, the battery recharger made it last only a little while after being charged!!!!

Anonymous said...

It simply DOES NOT work - not as what you see that showing on TVs or on DanozDirect's website!!! It doesn't work on the hard floors and can't clean the carpet if you have hair on the carpet! It CAN'T replace your vacuum so just don't wast your time and money on it.
More importantly don't be fooled thinking that 'you are able to return it if you don't like it after you have tried it' - because you may only return it when it is in the original condition, ie has not been used or tried!!!

Anonymous said...

I purchased the G2 and paid $39 plus tax in May 2010. It is supposed to be guaranteed for one year, but Ontel does not respond to multiple Emails. I have never bent the handle because it just did not want to move. I was vacuuming under the sofa, and the platic joint between the two parts of the handle broke. It is now useleaa, and it looks as if I will have no recourse with Ontel. Other than that, I must say that it gave me 9 months of excellent service and is wonderful in a household where the user cannot push a heavier vacuum and where it is necessary to pick up kitty litter. Would I purchae one again, NO, due to the lack of customer service.

Anonymous said...

Swivel sweeper g2 only works about 3 months
then stops.I took it apart and on both sweepers
the gear on the motor shafts wears out and will
not turn the the rotating brushes.Ontel will
does not want to listen the gear on the motor
shaft is a poor design.The gear is made of plastic or nylon is small and will only work for the three months and the warranty is over.

Anonymous said...

Swivel Sweeper G2 is a piece of junk.The gear
on the motor shaft made of plastic or nylon
wears out in about three months.Otel dont
want to listen the motor gear is a poor design.
This sweeper is not worth the price you pay.

Anonymous said...

I bought the original then upgraded to the G2. After 6mos the G2 started to fail. The battery is fully charged but the brushes don't want to turn. I know its not the battery because I popped a new battery in it to check and it didn't work any better. So needless to say, I have went back to using the original model. It works great for me, I just hope it lasts.

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