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Shark Navigator Review, Does This Upright Vacuum Suck?

Euro-pro is the company behind the Shark steam products that have become super popular these days. I’m sure if you spend any time at all watching late night or early morning TV then you’ve seen an ad for these products. Recently Euro Pro LLC has launched themselves into the vacuum market with their latest product the Shark Navigator. It is supposed to compete with the line of high-end bagless upright vacuum cleaners like Dyson, Hoover and Bissell. The big advantage that the Shark Navigator has is that it’s much cheaper than the higher end models with a price tag of $199.

The Navigator vacuum is advertised to never loose its suction power because of the bagless technology it uses. Shark has named this technology “Infinity”. The idea behind it is that it swirls the dirt and dust into a HEPA filter that would escape through a standard bag vacuum. Those with allergies wanting to minimize the amount of particles that get put back into the air should consider looking into this type of vacuum. Not only does this “Infinity” system help with trapping dust particles and making your air cleaner but it also helps to give you consistent suction power. Standard vacuums that use bags start to loose suction because dust and dirt gets caught in the filter and hurts it’s ability to maintain a high level of suction. It seems like a lot of As Seen On TV products get you with the parts that you have to continue ordering to use the product. That is a definite bonus with the Shark Navigator; there are never any filters that need replacing. Even the HEPA filter is totally reusable after a quick wash.

The Shark Navigator comes with a host of features that you can find with the higher end brands. Included in the $199 price is a twenty-four inch extension to so you can reach into dark corners and those hard to reach places above. One feature that users have really raved about is the tool made for removing pet hair. As far as I know Shark is the only one to offer such an attachment. The vacuum comes with what seems like a never-ending twelve-foot hose. Shark has obviously done their research to find out what people want in a vacuum. They have also made the Navigator with a thirty-foot cord. That means you don’t have to stop and try and find the next closest power outlet.

The vacuum seems to work well on multiple surfaces from varying levels of carpets to tile and linoleum. The Shark Vacuum does have an auto-adjusting feature for different surfaces, which seems to work pretty well. I personally would stick to using the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner on carpet, but that’s just me. The product is super light though, at least compared to my other upright vacuum. I have no problem carrying this thing up the stairs.

One of the cons is that it does have a rather narrow cleaning path. I find this to be kind of a pain because I have to go over an area more. However it can be nice because it can fit into spaces that my old vacuum could not. It’s a good thing I don’t have a very big house or I might have an issue with the size of the dust cup but being that I just have an apartment, it’s no big deal.

I should also mention that the Shark people are running a special right now. If you buy the Shark Navigator you can get the Shark Steam Mop for free. It’s their first version and is not the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. You can check out reviews of both the Shark Steam mops with the links provided.

I cannot attest to how the Shark Navigator will hold up over time. If you have had the vacuum a while please leave a comment and ad your two cents and if the product is working as well for you know as it did in the beginning.