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Mr Steamy Laundry Ball Legit or Scam? Any Honest Mister Steamy Reviews?

It’s obvious that I’m a big fan of using steam to clean so when I came across the Mister Steamy dryer ball I was intrigued to say the least. The product is about the size of a tennis ball and made of a flexible rubber material. You fill the the ball with water and drop Mr Steamy into the dryer and that’s it. The commercial advertises that the device will un-wrinkle cloths, leave sheets motel flat and works with all sorts of fabrics. Also included in the order is a solution that is supposed to help remove orders and make your laundry smell fresh.

Before I dropped the $19.95 on the product I wanted to see if anyone else had bought Mister Steamy and what kind of results they had achieved. After some searching I was not able to find anything useful. One forum mentioned that you were better off using tennis balls and a wet rag. One person replied that they are often exposed to smoke at work and that Mr. Steamy did an amazing job of removing the smell, so much so that they did not have to wash the cloths as often which in turn saved them money.

Right now they are running a special on Mister Steamy special Buy one get one free from the official website. Since I never seem to be able to find the time to iron my cloths and I also have a tendency leave cloths in the dryer days at a time I think I’ll go ahead and test out this product. I’m going to order Mister Steamy today and follow up on my own Mister Steamy Review.

Stay posted for my review of the Mister Steamy Laundry Ball. If any of you out there have purchased the product please leave your feedback in the comments section. Thanks! See ya soon!