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As Seen On TV Shark Steam Pocket Mop Review

Shark Steam Pocket mop s3501 is the latest and greatest steam mop to be released by the As Seen On TV group. Just like the original shark steam mop, it uses the cleaning power of steam to get trap dirt and other messes from just about any surface onto the micro fiber pad. It still removes chemical residues that can be left on the color from chemical cleaners. The obvious improvement of the Shark Steam Pocket Mop is that the mop head is dual sided allowing you to clean a much larger surface area with out having to change pads. The cleaning head is also much larger in size making it that much easier to clean large areas. In fact the Shark Steam Pocket mop can clean up to 2,000 square feet of floor with out having to refill the water reserve which can hold up to two pints of h2O which is an upgrade from the old model. To give you a comparison; it takes about 4 gallons of water to clean that same area with a traditional mop. The people at Shark have listened to their customers and have included a much longer power cord witch actually reaches up to 30 feet, giving you the freedom to steam clean without having to stop and find another place to plug in the steam mop. The Shark Pocket Mop also has a very handy swivel steering head which makes it super easy to maneuver under tables, chairs, and other furniture. We also like that that the as seen on tv device comes with multiple attachments which are designed for specific cleaning. The Steam Pocket Mop comes with a steam duster pad, 1 rectangular pad, 1 XL rectangular pad, and one triangular pad. We really like that Shark added the triangular attachment to easily get into corners and other small hard to reach places.

On the down side, the Shark Steam Pocket Mop is more expensive than it’s predecessor. At the time this was written the Pocket Mop is $119.00 dollars compared to $99 dollars of the older model. We really like the improvements that have been made but feel like the price might be a little high for most people. Shark does have a money back guarantee so that takes some of the risk out of it but beware that you will probably still have to pay the shipping charges which can add up quickly. Others complained that the Shark Steam Pocket Mop took to long for the steam to generate and did not remove scuffmarks like the commercial showed. If you are interested we have a review of the older Shark Steam Mop as well

UPDATE: For those users with Pergo laminate floors check out this readers response on the Shark Steam Mop.

Here is a comment that was posted to this site from a reader.

I purchased the Shark Steam Pocket Mop recently and absolutely love it. I actually purchased the original Shark steam mop first and the very same day I came home and saw the ad for the new Shark Steam Pocket Mop. I went ahead and tried the original steam mop to see if I'd like it...and I did. I agree with the other reviews in regards to the small water tank, flimsy handle and short extension cord on the original steam mop but I thought it cleaned wonderfully. I use hairspray in my bathroom every morning and after a while it builds up on the floor. I have vinyl floors and have used the Swiffer Wetjet for several years. I could never get the hairspray buildup off with the wetjet. The steam mop took it off in just a few passes. I also have a tight spot next to my stove that had some grease buildup from when I fry foods. The wetjet never removed the grease no matter how much cleaner I used. The steam mop removed all of the grease in no time. Even my husband was impressed and believe me it takes a lot to impress him!!! I decided to return the original steam mop because I read the new pocket mop has a swivel head, two different heads (one triangle and one rectangle), a larger water tank, longer extension cord and more mop clothes. The pocket mop also allows you to flip the head over from one side to the other giving you twice the cleaning space compared to the original mop pads. The pocket mop is a little more expensive but I think it's worth it. The swivel head really works well around the toilet and in tight places. The handle on the Shark Steam Pocket Mop seems to be sturdier than the original mop. The larger water tank is really nice. With the original mop I had to refill 2 or 3 times to do my kitchen and bathroom. With the pocket mop, I finished both with one tank. Some of the reviews talked about it leaving water everywhere...I never had that problem. I suppose if you continuously pumped it, it would leave water. I haven't had any troubles with getting it to steam either. When I have a tougher area, I just pump it a few extra times to get the steam really coming out, let it sit on the area for a few seconds and then just mop it up as usual. I think they've made some great improvements on the new Shark Steam Pocket Mop and would definitely recommend it over the original steam mop.

Does The Green Wash ball really work? - Green Wash ball Review

I hate doing laundry, plain and simple. Anything that can make it an easier task I’m totally up for. Earlier in the year I was going to purchase the Mister steamy dryer ball but after so many of my readers responded to the post with negative feedback about the product I decided that I would pass and spend my money on something else. Perhaps I was saving to buy the Green washing machine balls. I saw a commercial for them over the weekend and I must say I really want to get these things. They claim you can save up to $400 a year by not having to buy detergent. Another thing I really liked was that you could get them scented or non-scented. I hate my cloths smelling like perfume so I would much prefer the non-scented laundry balls.

So what is the deal with these Green Washing Machine Balls?

The product, solid green with a rubbery texture, could be mistaken as a simple dog toy. However, it’s much more expensive than a dog toy and contains high tech ceramics and magnets that are meant to change the ph balance of the water and help clean your dirty laundry without the use of expensive and damaging detergents. I like the fact that one Green Wash Ball can handle up to 3 years of daily laundry. The company says they have done 7 years of testing and claim that the friction of the patented ceramic pieces within the ball has equal cleaning power of normal cloths detergent.

I did some searches on Google for Green Wash Ball reviews and found a couple postings on what seemed to be reputable blogs. People seem to think that the product works as advertised for the most part. Some of the comments people left claimed that the green wash balls were a scam but that mostly had to do with the shipping charges.

I have to say that after doing the initial research and writing up this post that I must try these for myself. I am a natural skeptic, but I think these Green Laundry Balls just might be worth the money. I noticed that they have a 30 day money back guarantee so I can always return them if I’m not happy. I am going to order these tonight and I’ll post a follow up Green Wash Ball Review of my own to help all my readers out.
Stay tuned!

Mr Steamy Laundry Ball Legit or Scam? Any Honest Mister Steamy Reviews?

It’s obvious that I’m a big fan of using steam to clean so when I came across the Mister Steamy dryer ball I was intrigued to say the least. The product is about the size of a tennis ball and made of a flexible rubber material. You fill the the ball with water and drop Mr Steamy into the dryer and that’s it. The commercial advertises that the device will un-wrinkle cloths, leave sheets motel flat and works with all sorts of fabrics. Also included in the order is a solution that is supposed to help remove orders and make your laundry smell fresh.

Before I dropped the $19.95 on the product I wanted to see if anyone else had bought Mister Steamy and what kind of results they had achieved. After some searching I was not able to find anything useful. One forum mentioned that you were better off using tennis balls and a wet rag. One person replied that they are often exposed to smoke at work and that Mr. Steamy did an amazing job of removing the smell, so much so that they did not have to wash the cloths as often which in turn saved them money.

Right now they are running a special on Mister Steamy special Buy one get one free from the official website. Since I never seem to be able to find the time to iron my cloths and I also have a tendency leave cloths in the dryer days at a time I think I’ll go ahead and test out this product. I’m going to order Mister Steamy today and follow up on my own Mister Steamy Review.

Stay posted for my review of the Mister Steamy Laundry Ball. If any of you out there have purchased the product please leave your feedback in the comments section. Thanks! See ya soon!