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Does The Green Wash ball really work? - Green Wash ball Review

I hate doing laundry, plain and simple. Anything that can make it an easier task I’m totally up for. Earlier in the year I was going to purchase the Mister steamy dryer ball but after so many of my readers responded to the post with negative feedback about the product I decided that I would pass and spend my money on something else. Perhaps I was saving to buy the Green washing machine balls. I saw a commercial for them over the weekend and I must say I really want to get these things. They claim you can save up to $400 a year by not having to buy detergent. Another thing I really liked was that you could get them scented or non-scented. I hate my cloths smelling like perfume so I would much prefer the non-scented laundry balls.

So what is the deal with these Green Washing Machine Balls?

The product, solid green with a rubbery texture, could be mistaken as a simple dog toy. However, it’s much more expensive than a dog toy and contains high tech ceramics and magnets that are meant to change the ph balance of the water and help clean your dirty laundry without the use of expensive and damaging detergents. I like the fact that one Green Wash Ball can handle up to 3 years of daily laundry. The company says they have done 7 years of testing and claim that the friction of the patented ceramic pieces within the ball has equal cleaning power of normal cloths detergent.

I did some searches on Google for Green Wash Ball reviews and found a couple postings on what seemed to be reputable blogs. People seem to think that the product works as advertised for the most part. Some of the comments people left claimed that the green wash balls were a scam but that mostly had to do with the shipping charges.

I have to say that after doing the initial research and writing up this post that I must try these for myself. I am a natural skeptic, but I think these Green Laundry Balls just might be worth the money. I noticed that they have a 30 day money back guarantee so I can always return them if I’m not happy. I am going to order these tonight and I’ll post a follow up Green Wash Ball Review of my own to help all my readers out.
Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Blogs are for *, you don't look for people who are as clueless as yourself who 'believe' a product is working, you debunk the science behind it...

So go back to school, take chemistry, and LEARN how fatty acids "assist" in cleaning... learn WHAT pH actually is (generally speaking, you'll destroy your clothing with high pH levels), but that doesn't change the fact that you CAN'T "adjust" pH levels with GREEN MAGIC BALLS. (And don't just google it (or god forbid, use wikipedia))

just learn one truth:
Everything in Infomercials is false... if your product is so horrible that you need a screaming spokesman saying "Buy It, We'll Double It, Quadruple It... Buy NOW!" to sell a product, that product is fake.

You people need to stop trusting the Rabble and start using your minds. If you can't EXPLAIN why something is, it simply isn't... anything else is just blind faith.

Jeremy said...

I tend to agree with anonymous. If the idea itself isn't enough to sell it, then
what is wrong with it. I've researched laundry balls and found two things; it's
the detergent that creates the scum, not the ball that removes it, and, you
can wash a load of clothes with a teaspoon of powder ( perhaps more if dirty
or large load) and save as much money if not more.
Why is it that we trust a product advert to advise on usage? Of course they
recommend the Maximum. Do you ever need toothpaste along the length of
the bristles to clean your teeth. [blog deleted the rest of this entry]

However, that said, the little Shark Pocket Mop looks to be useful. Sure it may only be about $20 worth of materials but in cleaners and even hire fees, it could pay for itself in 2 uses.

The big problem is that people do not want to lose face by saying they paid big money for well packaged garbage! Half the product satisfaction is the commitment you make to protect your integrity.

Often I have seen the same product cheaper elsewhere, and usually better quality. One thing I have discovered via infomercials is a plastic bag sealer. I ended up buying 1 far cheaper in a store but it had a short life. Then I paid huge money to get one from overseas because it was so useful. It lasted perhaps 5 or 6 years but has just died. I think the main problem is trying to press harder rather than put new batteries in it when the heat reduces!

Occasionally you might strike it lucky or happen across a new wY of doing something, so an infomercial purchase may be part of your "journey"!

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