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As Seen On TV Steamboy T1 Mop Review


Reliable Corporation, the manufacturers of the Steamboy T1 steam cleaning product, have been around for more than fifty years. The corporation has braced themselves for the future of cleaning products when they released the Steamboy T1 mop and have obviously enjoyed being a front runner in this highly competitive market. The Steam boy T1 steam mop is equipped for the normal homeowner or renter with two machine/hand washable cloth pads, a water filter system to enable the user to be able to use normal tap water for the steam cleaner, and a carpet glide system for cleaning and deodorizing carpets.

Every Steam boy mop contains a 180 degree swivel head, the two heavy duty cloth microfiber reusable cleaning pads, up to thirty minutes of instant and continuous steam and the replaceable water filter. When I first got the opportunity to try out the Steamboy T1 I was a little skeptical. I started in the hallway by the front door. This was in the winter, after heavy rains in my town and the hard surface flooring was caked with mud, dirt and other grime I could not identify. I had used other mop systems before and had had limited success with them, that is why I was a little apprehensive. It seemed that in the past, I had spent quite a lot of time and money on replacement pads for the mopping systems I owned.

Well, I have to say after plugging the as seen on tv Steamboy mop in and waiting a couple of seconds for it to be ready, I was amazed at the ease in which the product started to cut through the grime and dirt instantly with real steam. I held down the trigger and moved the mop along all of the hard surface flooring in my house. The entry way was spotless in seconds with minimal effort; I moved into the kitchen and living room (where I have hardwood oak flooring) and was simply taken away by how much grime I had in the first place and how the Steam boy cut through this grime with so much grace. After I was finished, I unplugged the mop and simply took the microfiber cloth off, threw it in the washing machine, amazingly easy! I would recommend this product to anyone who listens! The flooring looked amazing, the Steamboy was easy to use, and the product was easily maneuverable around all of the nooks and crannies of my home.

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