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Steam Buggy Review

The Steam Buggy was received with much anticipation and excitement. A machine that is able to clean up the most stubborn messes, clean the tightest areas, and all with the power of steam. Unfortunately, the Steam Buggy failed to meet even the lowest expectations.

The infomercial for the Steam Buggy featured this product tackling a variety of cleaning challenges: Getting burnt-on residue off of a stove burner, dirt off a cutting board that wasn’t even noticeable until the Steam Buggy showed how much cleaner it could be, cleaning mold and mildew from bathroom tile grout, cleaning dirt from sinks and toilets with ease, and steam cleaning stains from carpets.

In our first test, we had a stove burner that was caked with burnt-on milk. The infomercial showed the Steam Buggy cleaning this up with little effort—using the included brush attachment. In our test, the Steam Buggy failed to clean up our burner—in reality very little of the burnt on milk came off and far more was removed when we used a cleaner and scrub pad.

In our second test, we brought the Steam Buggy into the bathroom. The Seam Buggy failed to get any mold and mildew cleaned from the bathtub tile grout, and failed to clean anything other than the easiest dirt from the sink and toilet. The Steam Buggy did, however, clean the caulk between the bathtub and the floor pretty well. The Steam Buggy also included a squeegee attachment for cleaning windows and mirrors. In our test on the bathroom mirror, the Steam Buggy left many streaks and the condensed water from the steam pooled up under the mirror. The design of the squeegee attachment also made it difficult to reach all the way to the bottom of the mirror (the hose got in the way of the vanity) and resulted in the steam dripping down to the bottom of the mirror where it could not be cleaned by the attachment.

Our third test was steam-cleaning carpeting. In the infomercial, the Steam Buggy is shown cleaning up carpet stains in a short time with ease. In our test, the Steam Buggy failed to remove freshly made stains of mud, soft drinks, and pet stains.

To summarize the results of our testing, we found the Steam Buggy to be very disappointing, especially when compared to the claims made on the infomercial. To its credit, we did find that the Steam Buggy did very well when cleaning very tight, impossible to reach places. Unfortunately, that just meant that we found ourselves cleaning areas that, until we started using the Steam Buggy, didn’t care if they were dirty since they were impossible to see (the tiny space between the bathroom mirror and the vanity and the tiny space between the sink drain and bottom of the sink, as examples). If you are interested in this product then I suggest you check out the Shark Steam Mop.

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