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Bissell Steam Mop Review

A Bissell Steam Mop? Let me explain...Last week my boss and I had a great conversation regarding how he was going to use his Visa card “points” that he had gained over the past year through purchases. His idea was to cash these Visa rewards points in and use them to purchase his brother’s wedding gift for the upcoming wedding in Mexico instead of using good old cash. This conversation got me thinking; just how many “points” do I have sitting there in my rewards points account? I have to tell you that when I checked my balance it was just like finding real money (notes, not simple change) under the cushions of my couch; the feeling was great! I decided immediately to cash these points in and gave myself a treat of a gift card to do some shopping.

Primarily, I thought I would be practical and purchase some of the stuff I use all the time such as tea, bread, milk and some steaks. I walked around my usual large store and put a few of these staples into my basket. I then decided “hey, it’s almost pay day, why don’t I buy something I have wanted for a long time and something that I need?” I put the food staples back where I got them and headed straight for the cleaning supplies isle. There it sat before me, behold the Bissell Steam Mop. This mop was something I had seen on TV and had always wanted to try it. This would be a good story for my boss. I immediately took the steam mop up to the checkout and used the gift card from my credit card company and raced home to try the product out.

This steam mop has been touted to get rid of dirt, sticky stuff, and grime on all hard floor surfaces (not carpet). My apartment was in great need of a solid cleaning and had been for some time so I could not wait to get started. My apartment consists of beautiful bamboo floors with nice dark tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. The only problem with these nice surfaces is that mud, dirt and grime easily shows up. The disposable mopping systems I had been using in the past just have not cut it and I had grown tired of buying replacement heads and wipes for my mop.

I took the Bissell mop out of the box and plugged it in. The steam charged in seconds and was ready to use. I started on the bamboo floors and was simply amazed at how much of the dirt got removed; it was just like moving into a new apartment! The product handled equally well on the tiled floor, the microfiber heads cut through the grime with ease; I was impressed. I invited my mother over that weekend for brunch and she could not believe how much I time I had spent on getting the place spotless. “About ten minutes!” I replied. At less than one hundred dollars this product is the real deal and I would recommend it to any homeowner with hard floors.

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Ed, Dianna and Ethan said...

I too wanted something that would clean deeper than the swiffer mop. I love the swiffer for quick one room cleaning, esp. the kitchen where we come in the door with muddy and dirty shoes, and our two small dogs eat and run.

I bought the Bissell simply b/c I wanted the "better brand" and was afraid of all the plastic-iness that the Shark seemed to have.

I couldn't find friends or family that owns a steam mop, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The only think I am concered about is that I thot it would "steam" more. Instead, I find that it leaves a fair amount of water on the floor which takes quite a bit of time to dry, and I'm hoping its not dirty water left to dry.

We'll see what my opinion is later. I've just used it in two rooms and about to continue on. So far, so good. I'm trying to research to see if they are supposed to leave this much water on the floor.

Anonymous said...

I love my new Bissell 1867 steam mop. It is very sturdy and the cord is long enough to do a whole room. The trigger on the handle allows you to control how much water/steam is released onto the floor so I have no problem with wet floors. The floors are clean and dry when done. Obviously it isn't a vacuum so if there was a lot of dirt before you mop it will all be pushed together when you are done but the floor will shine and feel clean to the touch.

Anonymous said...

My question is: how do you not get so much water on the floor? I love the concept of "steam" clean, however, this is the second make of steam cleaner I have tried and both leave a lot of water! When it dries you are left with water marks which are not attractive!

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